Juliane Hanley created Serenity Training in April 2006, in an effort to apply her horsemanship skills towards the many equines facing inhumane equine slaughter each day. Serenity Training takes in unhandled, wild, abused and unhealthy horses that are facing slaughter. They are rehabilitated, taught to trust in their handler, while they gain the confidence to lead a successful life.

All of the horses (unless otherwise noted) on the Serenity Training website have been rescued from the Yakima feedlot. Each one of them has had their own challenges to overcome, from being used all of their life as a rodeo bronc, to being tortured daily. Some simply have not had any handling at all and just needed a chance at life.

Serenity Training is not a rescue organization. It is composed of a single woman trying to make a difference in the few horses that she can. Each horse that is adopted from Serenity Training enables another horse to be saved.

The training processes applied vary with each horse's needs. You can be assured that each horse is intoduced to any and all environments, methods and exercises possible while in training. Many of the horses that can be adopted from Serenity Training are well rounded, confident horses that have the potential to go far in life.

Please consider the many horses currently at Serenity Training for your next equine partner!