Buddy is a beautiful 14 year old 14.3 hand tall bay Arabian gelding. Buddy was rescued from a neglectful situation on January 24th, 2007. He had somehow punctured his left eye in the summer of 2006, though the injury was never treated. By the time he was rescued, the injury had become infected and very painful. Buddy had also not been wormed, fed properly, nor had his feet maintained. Buddy has recently had his teeth floated.

Since his rescue, he has had his eye removed and a prosthetic implant put in through enucleation surgery at NW Equine. He is up to date on worming and farrier services. He does seem to be tender footed on rocky surfaces, and should have front shoes on if trail riding on gravel trails. He currently has front shoes on. He has been put through a series of tests, and has had to learn better ground manners (always a work in progress!) but has proven to be a quiet riding mount.

Buddy does have some hard swelling of his left hind pastern, which according to the vet, appears to be caused by ringbone and has fused. It does not cause Buddy any pain, but he should not be considered for a highly active sport, such as jumping or gaming. Buddy should be considered as a light riding horse, primarily for trails.

If you'd like to view Buddy's rehabilitation progress, please check out his Training Blogs (requires registration). Buddy is free to a good home.

If you are interested in adopting Buddy, please contact Juliane at 425-214-6518 or juliane@serenitytraining.com

Buddy's BEFORE Pictures: